Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hiking to the Sunrise (Day 5)

Incredibly early this morning, me and 12 other crazy members from my group decided to climb Arthur's Seat outside of town to watch the sunrise.  Needless to say, I think it's been my highlight of the trip so far and it was well worth being tired later in the day. (It's about dinner time right now and I'm ready to go to bed.) Anyway, the view was spectacular -- even though most of us are completely out of shape the hike was a great way to get our blood pumping, regardless of how hard we were panting by the time we reached the top. Some parts of the hill were so steep that we had to use our hands to help us on the way up. When we reached the top we all sat down and the sun literally started to rise about a minute later, which was amazing timing. It was absolutely breathtaking! Below are 17 pictures that I posted, some of them with captions. Enjoy! I definitely did.

P.S. The rest of the day was nothing too special. We had some good class time and then went to a museum and took a tour, which one of our professors apologized for after the fact because it was so boring and far too long. Wandering around the museum after the tour was much more fun and I spent most of my time with Stephanie, one of the girls from our group, at an interactive exhibit where you tried to match 12 different animals with their different sounds. The best we got was 8/12 before we got kicked out of the museum since it was closing.

More tomorrow -- we will be moving on to Glasgow! 

As you can see, we were on the go before 6 o'clock. Crazy.

Me & Brooks
The marker for Arthur's Seat

Liz & Madeline

Most of the group...

Wild purple heather -- one of my favorite parts of the hike. 

Arthur's seat is at the top of that hill.  I took this photo during the descent.
Walking back to town.

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