Thursday, September 5, 2013

Accidentally Drunk (Day 6)

This is an embarrassing story… but here it goes anyway. (Don't worry Mom, I'm fine now.)

Today I accidentally got drunk/tipsy at lunchtime, and it caught me completely off guard.  No, I did not order any drinks or anything that I thought had alcohol in it.  But I did order crayfish, which came in a cocktail looking glass with a funny pink sauce on it.  I had already been feeling woozy earlier in the day, and I have been since my flight over here so maybe I have an ear infection or something else that contributed to this.  But I started to eat my food and I didn’t like it very much because it had a peculiar taste to it… I didn’t even finish it, and there wasn’t that much to begin with. 

After I stopped eating I started feeling really warm and lightheaded/dizzy so when I paid for my food I asked the waiter if he could check what was in it, just because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something strange that I could be allergic to.  When he came back from the kitchen he said, “The cook told me that there was the shellfish, some Tabasco sauce, mayonnaise, and brandy.” 

Brandy?” I said. Both of my professors were standing right next to me since they had been at lunch with a group of us and my first thought was dear God, please let me not be drunk in front of them.

But I was.  At least I think I partly was because I felt very lightheaded and dizzy and similar to what I felt like a few of the nights after I went out with my friends in Edinburgh, but this time I wasn’t enjoying myself at all.

Dr. Chaney, the English professor said, “It would make sense if you were feeling it because you are very tiny dear.”  Many of the other students agreed with that statement and threw in the fact that I hardly needed any alcohol at all to feel something. Unfortunately all of this happened right before we went to hear a guest lecturer speak and one of the girls looped her arm through mine as we walked to the university.  All I could think was this is so embarrassing and I don’t feel good, I really want to sleep.

During the lecture I had to resist the urge to put my head down and zonk out on my desk, so I spent my time drinking a bottle of water that our trip guide had bought for me.  After I finished it I felt much better, but I still have to say the whole experience was not enjoyable.  However, my friends did get some funny pictures of me walking down the street and making faces at them… (please don’t ever show those to anybody.)

So that was my adventure of the day! The moral of the lesson for me was this: Marie Rose sauce (the sauce on my cocktail) it not like any normal sauce.  There is alcohol in it – brandy is definitely not my cup of tea.

P.S. We are now in Glasgow and will be here for 5 nights!

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