Tuesday, September 3, 2013

All the Pretty Churches (Day 4)

Today we had our first class time, which ended up being really great.  After working an office job all summer and sitting at a desk 8-hours a day I can proudly say having time class for four hours was like a walk through the park on a sunny day.  Some of my peers mentioned how long it was during our break and I simply said, “I could listen to this all day!” We had a guest speaker from Britain talk to us about the differences in theology between Islam and Christianity, which was fascinating and she brought up some amazing points that I didn’t know about before. 

Then we had a lecture from the English professor, Dr. Chaney, who is very eccentric and entertaining.  She taught us a brief overview of the bloody history (I’m not cussing, I’m actually talking about violence) between Scotland, Ireland, and England and used different voices all the way through to represent the different people she was talking about! The class was laughing at many parts of that even though the things she was talking about were very serious.

The afternoon consisted of tours of two churches… one of which I had already walked through a few days prior.  But we had a wonderful tour guide take us through – he was an older Scottish gentleman and he enjoyed telling us how various people in Scotland's history had, well, died.  And we got to see the room where all of the knights of Scotland meet every year! That was probably my highlight of the day, it was different from anything I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been getting closer to everyone on the trip, which has been a lot of fun.  All of the people here are great and everyone has such different personalities.  Some of us are getting up at 5 o’clock tomorrow (me included) to climb Arthur’s Seat, a hill outside of town, so that we can watch the sunrise. I can’t wait to take pictures of that! Goodnight!

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